Automatic Shrink Machine ENA40

Product Details

It consists of sealing shrink films and it can be connected to the production line in the plants. In other case, the operator just needs to put goods on the conveyor belt of the sealing machine and then it is headed to the heating tunnel. The average speed is about 2000 pieces per hour and it is one of the most recent and fastest machines for shrinking automatically.

Machine Features:

  1. Easy to move: The product or machine is designed to be easily transported or relocated as needed.
  2. Side sealing: The machine seals the packaging material on the sides of the product being packaged, creating a secure seal.
  3. Equipped with PLC and a touch monitor and a sensor for better sealing: The machine is equipped with advanced control systems to help ensure proper sealing of the packaging material.
  4. Two conveyor belts for easily movement of goods: The machine has two conveyor belts that make it easy to move products through the packaging process.
  5. Auxiliary piece for small goods: The machine includes an auxiliary piece that can be used to package smaller items.
  6. Easy functioning: The machine is designed to be easy to operate, even for users without extensive technical knowledge or experience.
  7. Four perforators for better shrinkage: The machine has four perforators that help to improve the shrinkage of the packaging material.
  8. Waste material collection: The machine is equipped with a system for collecting waste material generated during the packaging process.
  9. Detecting errors via monitor: The machine includes a monitoring system that can detect and alert the user to any errors or issues during the packaging process.
  10. Height adjustment for goods up to 12cm: The machine can be adjusted to accommodate products of varying heights, up to a maximum of 12cm.
  11. Without limitation for the length of goods: The machine can handle products of varying lengths, without any specific limitations.
  12. High safety: The machine is designed with safety features to help prevent accidents or injuries during use.