Shrink Machine ENA55

Product Details

This machine is used for shrinking parcels. Three steps are done in this machine which are sealing, shrinking and transferring the parcel out of the cabin using rails and it is good for packaging food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and plastic products

The railing part of this machine causes a faster function in comparison with EN55 because in EN55 the operator should remove the parcel from the cabin after shrinking but in ENA55 this is done by the rail conveyor. This machine can package about 350 parcels per hour

Machine Features:

  1. Easy film replacement: The machine is designed to make it easy to replace the packaging film when needed.
  2. Two locked wheels, easy movement: The machine has two wheels that can be locked in place for stability, but it is still easy to move the machine around as needed.
  3. Transparent cabin: The machine has a transparent cabin that allows the user to easily see the packaging process.
  4. Fiber and ceramic sewing blades: The machine uses fiber and ceramic blades for sewing the packaging material, which can improve durability and reduce maintenance needs.
  5. Railing conveyor belt: The machine has a conveyor belt with a railing that helps to guide the product being packaged through the process.
  6. Height adjustment up to 30cm: The machine can be adjusted to accommodate products of varying heights, up to a maximum of 30cm.
  7. Single phase electricity consumption: The machine operates on a single-phase electrical system, which can make it more convenient to use in certain settings.
  8. Hand sealing with two magnets: The machine uses two magnets to help secure the packaging material in place during the sealing process.
  9. Two perforators for easy shrinking: The machine includes two perforators that help to improve the shrinkage of the packaging material.
  10. Easy function: The machine is designed to be easy to operate, even for users without extensive technical knowledge or experience.
  11. Separating tray: The machine includes a tray that can be used to separate individual products during the packaging process.
  12. Extra conveyor belt: The machine includes an extra conveyor belt for additional support during the packaging process.