Single Cabin Vacuum Machine ENQ40

Product Details

This machine is used for vacuuming and sealing food products such as poultry, meat, salami and groceries in supermarkets or workshops. It has two gas injectors and it can seal and vacuum 250 parcels per hour. In vacuuming, special vacuum bags should be used and it can increase food stability. The machine is made of steel.

Machine Features:

  1. Single cabin for vacuuming: The machine has a single cabin or chamber for vacuum packaging products.
  2. Easy function: The machine is designed to be easy to operate, even for users without extensive technical knowledge or experience.
  3. Steel body: The machine has a durable steel body for long-lasting performance.
  4. One vacuum engine: The machine has one vacuum engine for creating a vacuum inside the packaging chamber.
  5. A 37-cm sealing: The machine has a 37-cm sealing element, which can create a strong and secure seal around the packaged product.
  6. Strong sealing: The machine is designed to create a strong and reliable seal that helps to preserve the quality and freshness of the packaged product.
  7. Parcel holder: The machine includes a holder or platform for securely holding the packaged product in place during the vacuuming and sealing process.
  8. 2 gas injectors: The machine has two gas injectors, which can be used to add gas to the packaging chamber after vacuuming to help preserve the quality and freshness of the product.
  9. Stabilizer gas entrance: The machine includes a stabilizer gas entrance that can help to regulate the flow and pressure of gas inside the packaging chamber.
  10. Two locked wheels: The machine has two wheels that can be locked in place for stability.
  11. Visible vacuum oil and vacuum indicator: The machine includes a visible vacuum oil and vacuum indicator, which can help the user monitor the vacuum pressure and maintain the machine's performance over time.